Start findet mehrmals statt Innovative approaches to combating disinformation

Innovative approaches to combating disinformation

At this workshop, you will have the chance to Identify manipulative language and errors in news using state-of-the-art tools and best practices, recommended by experts at the EU, NATO, and beyond, that we have co-developed and supported.

This will be a great opportunity to discuss innovative strategies related to media literacy and disinformation mitigation and the role of technology in democracy.

This workshop is available in English and it is open to anyone who wants to know more about disinformation and how to stop it. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary to attend the workshop. Participants will receive a certificate recognising their participation.

Our partners for the Ideas for Europe project, of which the workshop is part, are: European Forum AlpbachThe Dandelion GroupThe Civics, and The European Association for Local Democracy. Ideas for Europe project is supported by the European Commission – Citizenship, Equality, Rights and Values programme.

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23. Mai 2024



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